F14-001 Draft Agenda board Catania

F14-002 List of FEMS Documents 2013

F14-003 EN EPSU asks Turkey to respect trade union rights

F14-004 DraftMinutes COPIL meeting

F14-005 EN FT Article Romania disparis as UL takes its Doctors

F14-006 EN FEMS Actitvity Report 2013-14

F14-007 EN EC takes Italy to court re EWTD

F14-008 EN Questionnaire on Feminisation of the medical profession

F14-009 EN Report on Action Our health is not for Sale

F14-011 REV2 Draft Agenda FEMS GA Nova Gorica

F14-011 REV3 Draft Agenda FEMS GA Nova Gorica

F14-012 EN EWTD EC reasoned opinion re forensic doctors in Spain

F14-013 EN EWTD EC requests France to respect rights of doctors in training

F14-014 EN Application for full membership CFSMR Romania

F14-015 EN Extraordinary titles under the new PQD 2013-055

F14-016 EN Survey on Working Conditions

F14-016 National Report Hungary

F14-017 EN National Report Bulgaria

F14-018 EN List of Venues FEMS GA

F14-018 List of Venues FEMS GA

F14-019 EN Closing of Accounts 2013

F14-021 EN Survey on Working Conditions

F14-022 EN National Report Turkey

F14-023 EN Book-Helath Prof. Mobility in a changing EU

F14-024 EN National Report Slovenia FIDES

F14-025 EN National Report CZ

F14-026 EN National Report Spain

F14-027 EN National Report Croatia

F14-027 FR Rapport national Croatie

F14-028 EN National Report France (SNPHARE)

F14-028 FR Rapport National France (SNPHARE)

F14-029 EN National Report Austria (AT MedCham)

F14-030 List of Participants FEMS GA Nova Gorica

F14-031 EN National Report North Cyprus

F14-032 FR Rapport National Roumanie

F14-033 EN National Report Slovakia

F14-033 EN National Report Slovakia

F14-034 EN National Report Italy

F14-035 EN National Report Belgium

F14-036 EN National Report Portugal

F14-036 FR Rapport National Portugal

F14-039 Report of the Meeting with Commissioner Borg

F14-041 EN Minutes FEMS GA Nova Gorica

F14-074 Draft Minutes Board Parsi

F14-075 Draft minutes EMOs meeting Paris

Programme Paris 2014