F20-002 EMOs statement on violence against doctors 

F20-003 FEMS accounts December 2019

F20-004 Common AEMH-FEMS Statement on COVID 19

F20-005 Revised Budget 2020 FEMS

F20-008 National Report Slovenia

F20-009 National Report Austria

F20-010 Revised National Report the Netherlands

F20-011 EU Coalition for Vaccination Draft Declaration

F20-013 National Report France

F20-014 National Report Italy

F20-016 National Report Spain 

F20-017 Letter to the EC President

F20-018 National Report Croatia

F20-019 National Report Cyprus

F20-020 National Report Portugal

F20-022 National Report Belgium

F20-023 Draft Budget 2021

F20-025 EC reponse to FEMS letter

F20-026 Joint AEMH-FEMS GA 2021 Austria

F20-027 National Report Austria

F20-028 National Report France UNMS

F20-029 National Report Italy

F20-030 National Report the Netherlands

F20-031 Internal Auditors Report

F20-032 National Report Croatia

F20-033 National Report Slovenia

F20-034 FEMS interim accounts 31 August 2020

F20-035 Results of the questionnaire on burn-out

F20-036 National Report Romania

F20-037 National Report Belgium

F20-038 National Report Cyprus

F20-039 National Report Spain

F20-040 National Report Portugal

F20-043 Draft Minutes Autumn FEMS GA

F20-044 FEMS autumn GA 2021 - Zagreb, Croatia

F20-045 CEOM report for the FEMS GA

F20-046 COVID 19 Questionnaire - revised 31.12.2020

F20-047 COVID-19 Report - revised September 2020

Common AEMH-FEMS Statement on COVID-19 - Slovenian version

Common AEMH-FEMS Statement on COVID-19 - French version

Document 2 - Working Group psycho-social risks - June 2020

Document 3 - Working Group psycho-social risks - June 2030

Results of the FEMS questionnaire on COVID-19 status report as of 12 June