F21-003 COVID-19 Report at 31.12.2020

     F21-003 COVID-19 Report - updated

    F21-006 FEMS Accounts 2020

    F21-008 Auditors report 2020

    F21-009 Questionnaire on burnout - final results

    F21-010 National Report Austria

    F21-011 National Report Poland

    F21-012 National Report Slovenia

    F21-013 National Report Italy

    F21-014 National Report The Netherlands

    F21-015 Invitation Letter FEMS GA Croatia

    F21-016 Participants list GA online

    F21-017 Rapport national France UNMS

   F21-018 FR Rapport National France SNPHARe

   F21-018 EN National Report France SNPHARe

   F21-019 National Report Romania

   F21-020 National Report Cyprus

   F21-021 Invitation to organise FEMS GA autumn 2022

   F21-022 National Report Spain

   F21-023 Survey for access evaluation to health labour systems

    F21-025 EN National Report Croatia

   F21-026 EN National Report Belgium

    F21-027 EN National Report Cyprus - TCPU

    F21-028 National Report Portugal

    F21-029 CEOM Report

    F21-031 Draft Budget 2022

   F21-032 Medical deserts

   F21-033 Candidature Christiaan Keijzer - FEMS board second term

   F21-034 AEMH EACL presentation FEMS GA

   F21-036 CPME Activity Report FEMS GA 

   F21-038 Candidature Joao de Deus - FEMS board second term

 F21-039 REV 1 Draft Proposal for the revision of FEMS statutes

  F21-040 Candidature Bojan Popovic Secretary General

  F21-041 National Report Netherlands

  F21-042 National Report Austria

  F21-043 National Report Romania

  F21-044 Candidature Deputy Secretary General

  F21-045 Application TCPU FEMS Membership

  F21-046 Candidature FEMS Treasurer

   F21-047 Participants List GA Dubrovnik

   F21-048 EN FR National Report France UNMS

   F21-048 FR Report UNMS

   F21-049 EN National Report Italy

   F21-050 EN National Report Spain

   F21-051 FEMS Interim financial report as of 31 August 2021

    F21-052 EN National Report Croatia

   F21-053 EN National Report Poland

   F21-054 EN National Report Cyprus

   F21-055 EN FEMS motion on Portuguese Family Doctors 

    F21-056 Candidature Ilan Rosenberg for FEMS vice president

    F21-059 EN National Report Slovenia

   F21-060 EN National Report Belgium

   F21-062 EN National Report Portugal

   F21-063 EN CPME report to the FEMS autumn GA 

   F21-064 EN COVID-19 Questionnaire Final Report 01.09.2021

    F21-065 EN AEMH presentation to the FEMS GA

   F21-066 EN Doctors' satisfaction across Europe - questionnaire result